Data Management as a success factor – learning from Airbnb for banking

Effectively operationalized data governance is a key success factor and pillar of digitalization and transformation initiatives - also in the banking sector.

Like banking institutions, Airbnb, a data-driven company, faced similar challenges in terms of data integration and operational costs at the beginning of its transformation. Thanks to clear responsibilities, high quality standards and regular validations, Airbnb was able to significantly improve data quality and ensure stable data processing.

Click through the slides below to see an example of how effective data management can be used as a success factor for financial transformation. The document draws parallels with the challenges facing the banking sector. It explains how targeted initiatives can both increase the added value of data and fulfill regulatory requirements. Airbnb’s certification of control-related metrics and datasets is highlighted as key to continuously improving data quality and stability, creating a foundation for scale and natural incentives for data quality improvement.

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