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Our service portfolio

With our clear focus on the needs of CFOs and CROs of BFSI clients, we offer comprehensive expertise to manage the complexity of functional and procedural requirements in technical implementation from a single source.

Our consulting areas in detail


Our consulting services support clients in the successful implementation of new requirements in bank management. Our focus is not only on disciplines such as accounting, controlling and reporting, but also on seamless integration. We are experts in holistic consulting, impact analyses and reconciliation methods that take into account regulatory, statutory and economic key figures.

Our performance is based on sound expertise in the technical design and implementation of processes and methods, such as market value calculation, impairment and hedge accounting in conjunction with risk management and reporting key figures and methods.


Our expertise includes the quantitative development and implementation of processes for all Pillar II risk types. These include present value and cash flow-based risk models for IRRBB, VaR models (historical simulation/Monte Carlo), dynamic simulations, full valuation approaches, CRSA/standard approaches for credit risk, IRB models and stress tests;

We also offer expertise in the implementation of OpRisk management frameworks. We define OpRisk elements, carry out context analyses and create a comprehensive risk description in our risk library, including a process map, controls, event types and causes. Our specified methods for OpRisk exposure assessment and loss mapping as well as a tried-and-tested KRI-based early warning system ensure customer confidence.


Our expertise continuously strengthens our clients’ anti-financial-crime (AFC) resilience in the face of current macroeconomic and political developments. Our services include GAP analysis, design and implementation of AFC governance frameworks (Three Lines of Defense), development of AFC lifecycle approaches and automation of AFC operational processes.

We also carry out industry-wide benchmarking in KYC (Know Your Customer) and sanctions. Our concepts form the foundation for an efficient compliance function. We support you in the further development of compliance management and with meaningful compliance reports.

Regulatory Reporting

Our many years of expertise extend to the successful implementation of new regulatory requirements, analysis of their impact on equity and liquidity as well as specialist and process consulting in regulatory reporting architecture.
We master national and international, aggregated, portfolio-based and granular reporting requirements.

We have proven ourselves in projects with in-depth expertise and the use of leading software solutions such as Abacus360, Abacus/Transactions, BAIS and customized solutions. We are actively shaping the future of the reporting system with BIRD/IReF and see challenges as a driving force. We look forward to supporting our clients with their regulatory reporting challenges.

Operating Model

Data-driven transformation requires organization-wide decisions with employees at the heart of the effective governance system, and effective organizational and governance structures are critical to meet increasing regulatory requirements.

At fink. we offer proven reference structures and customized role concepts to meet individual customer requirements and support the financial sector in developing a culture of data-driven decision-making. Our cost efficiency is based on optimized process design and comprehensive expertise in bank management processes. We bring experience from numerous optimization and automation projects, including contemporary technology-supported processes.

Business Intelligence

In a data-driven world, thorough analysis and clear visualization of company data is crucial for effective corporate management and the identification of opportunities and risks. Intelligent analytics applications offer considerable potential for increasing the efficiency of banks and financial service providers.

fink. has several years of experience in developing reporting solutions that present complex issues clearly and comprehensibly. We recognize that data is the key to informed decision-making and are here to help the financial sector uncover this potential.

Data management

We design efficient specialist architectures for banks and insurance companies by integrating customized design principles. Our expertise includes a reference architecture with functional building blocks and a standardized approach to implementing individual target architectures. Through well thought-out data flows, accompanied by data lineage and a data quality framework, we create sustainable data management.

We ensure effective data management, particularly in the areas of CRO, CFO and compliance. Our goal is to master the data management challenges of our customers and to continuously optimize architectures.

Data platform

Future-oriented CFO & CRO management requires a well thought-out business and IT architecture. Our key to this is a targeted data model, supported by powerful data processing. At the same time, data can only unfold its full value if it is of the highest quality and interpreted uniformly throughout the company, which can be achieved through effective data governance.

We have successfully supported numerous clients in the design and implementation of data models and cloud-based IT architectures, including integration into existing data processing processes. fink. also brings extensive experience in concepts, leading in implementation, e.g. through standardized functional and technical data lines as well as in the design of an efficient job network and the development of an operations control center for the CFO & CRO control platform.

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